Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Leopard Inspirat Windows 7 Themes

Leopard Inspirat - Apple Mac Themes Windows 7

Title: Leopard Inspirat 1.0 for Win7
Author: caeszer.

System Requirement

*For Windows 7 64bit/32bit.

* Make sure you've installed a good graphic card to enable transparent part to be seen.

Installations Guide

To apply the theme,

1. Copy all the items in the folder ‘Themes’ to c:WindowsResourcesThemes

2. Then, right-click on the desktop & choose “Personalize”

3. Choose the ‘Darkclear 7′ theme in the ‘Installed Themes’ section.

For the explorer, just copy it into the folder windows & the others just copy them into the system32 folder.

Then, restart your computer.

Notes:You’re advised to make a backup of your availableoriginal components before replace them with the components provided in the pack.

This theme made only works in Windows 7 32-bit, He haven’t try to applying it yet in Windows 7 64-bit.  
If you’re really interested to trying it in 64-bit then it in your own risk and the creator may not be rensposible for any damage occur to your computer.

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